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Video Inbound Marketing Video Inbound Marketing

Video Inbound Marketing

It is no secret that in today’s digital age, and especially during and post pandemic, growing your customer base is no easy feat. We are all frustrated that organic social media is not giving the results it used to, paid ads are still yielding impressions but not giving us conversions, and we are left wondering where to spend our time, money, and resources. Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Twitter? Pinterest? We are all wandering around aimlessly hoping we will find prospects, and when we do, we find out too late that they are not qualified or they are just kicking the tires. Our bounce rates are high, conversions are low and our frustration and disappointment on budget allocation is at an all-time high. We want ways to spend our marketing budgets wisely on methods that will fill the top of the funnel with qualified, interested buyers. Maybe it’s time to consider video inbound marketing.

Perhaps this is the first time you have heard of video inbound marketing; perhaps it is not. You may be somewhat familiar with inbound marketing, but the “video” part of the phrase might be new to you. According to the folks over at Crisp VideoInbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing.” That’s impressive. In case you are not familiar with inbound marketing, it is a method of directing organic traffic back to one’s website and landing pages utilizing well-done high-quality content. What are those types of content? Well, blogs, of course, as well as webinars and—you guessed it!—video. Of course, shooting a quick video on your phone and throwing it on your website is not enough. Everyone seems to agree that your content needs to be of high quality and well-produced. This does not mean you need to hire a Hollywood production crew and spend tens of thousands of dollars. It means that if you do not have the skillset to produce quality content, then you may want to hire someone who does—wink, wink.

According to a blog by HubSpot, 2018 and 2019 transformed video from a singular marketing tactic to an entire business strategy.” 

Video assets attached to an effective inbound system give us video inbound marketing.

The aforementioned blog from HubSpot also states: “Today, video is a holistic business approach, meaning video content should be produced by all teams in a conversational, actionable, and measurable way.”

The HubSpot blog even has a great graph showing that video leads the charge over email, social media and blogs. Not sold yet? 

The fact that Google is now including video in search results tells us that adding quality video assets to your inbound strategy can significantly increase organic SEO, which can lead to a higher number of inbound leads for your team. And because these leads were searching for your type of content, took the time to watch your video, and are now on your website, there is a great chance that they are interested in what you have to offer. They could also be in the throes of their initial research on your types of products and—guess what?—your site is one of the first they are finding. First is a nice place to be for brand recognition, lead generation and fattening that sales pipeline. 

By now, you may be wondering what those videos should be. You should check out this article on our site: “4 Must-Have Top-of-the-Funnel Videos.” These are low-hanging fruits that are simple, effective and tell a relevant story to potential prospects about your business. Still not sold? No worries. We can always set up a no-pressure call to discuss the ins and outs of video inbound marketing. It is not a sales call; it’s simply a discovery session designed to figure out if video inbound marketing is something that can help your business and keep your sales and marketing efforts from falling behind. 

Too often, people think, “I just need a website so I look credible.” I think that is great, and I agree 100%, but you should take that thought a step further. How do you plan to integrate your website into your sales process? How are you integrating it into your marketing? How are you using your website to automate operations or customer service? I know what you are thinking: “I don’t have that type of budget just yet.” I get it, and I agree that you need to work within your budget. I also know that a well-built, functional site can save you time and make you more efficient. If you are trying to run lean, you need to hire the right website development team. 

How it Works

We will take care of creating those top-of-the-funnel video assets. When it comes to the rest of the inbound process, we are strategically partnered with local marketing agencies that are HubSpot partners and experts at what they do. As a team, we will meet with you to discuss your inbound strategy and what you need to effectively cultivate a solid pipeline of inbound leads. This means strategically placed video and audio assets that fill the top of your funnel with interested and qualified prospects. No more grinding it out to find customers. With inbound, they come to you.

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