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About Us & Our Company

Our company was founded in 2019 with the goal of serving small businesses and individuals in Upstate New York and the surrounding regions. The Five Towers in our name are a nod to Albany’s Empire State Plaza. No matter where the company goes or how it grows, we’ll always know where we came from.

Our motto, simply put is: Where Quality Meets Creativity. We believe that quality and design don’t have to be trade-offs—that it’s possible to be excellent in both.

We all want to be where great design & great technology merge. That’s the driving force behind this company. In our industry, we create a visual identity for our customers. Our work reflects on us, sure, but not nearly as much as it reflects on our clients. And that image is so important when you’re a business fighting for market space and trying to get noticed. Our goal at Five Towers Media is to be the agency that businesses trust to present their face and voice to a potential audience of thousands.

Our Team of Creatives

Kelsey Sherman

Junior Partner & Creative Director

Katherine Kressner
Katherine Kressner

Junior Creative Director

Rosetta Annino

Graphic Designer

Abby Monson

Junior Graphic Designer

Mack Hawthorne

Content Creator

Adam Mason

Ad Specialist

Laura Keyes


Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson

Co-Founder & Partner

Brad Colacino
Brad Colacino

Co-Founder & Partner



We have a strong focus on our local communities by collaborating with all organizations, integrating into the community, and connecting people to businesses.

Each Other

We believe that through supporting each other, we can accomplish anything. Our team works to support local businesses and help foster an environment where they can be successful.

Always Do
Great Work

No matter what we are doing, we must seek to perform at our very best. We must be driven to deliver a quality that is unmatched. We live and breathe our mission: Where quality meets creativity.


To truly focus on our communities, we must be doing it for reasons that are not self-driven. We must be focused on doing what is right because it is best for our team, our clients, and our community.

Personal Excellence

Before we can help our team, our clients, or our community, we need to help ourselves. Being the best version of yourself will only increase your ability to do good in the world. Be better & do better.

Want to Join a Creative Team?

Creative? Hardworking? Looking for that next career path? You may be the right fit for our growing team. We have both part-time and full-time positions available, with on-the-job training available.

Ready to Work with Us?

Now that you know us a bit more and have learned about our team, our mission, and our values; let us get to know you and your business to see how we can help you celebrate long-term success.


What Our Clients Say About Our Company

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    Working with Five Towers has been amazing! Knowing I have a resource I can rely upon for getting the job done and done well has been a tremendous value to my business and clients.

    Todd Bailey, Todd Bailey Photography
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    Michael & his team were fabulous to work with. Right from the start they were honest, creative & very helpful. He created our new website to look and feel like the vision we imagined for our business. We highly recommend Five Towers for all your marketing needs.
    Lori Tracey, Organize Senior Moves Saratoga
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    Thank you for all your help and support with conferences. You really stepped it up and delivered. Everything you produced was perfect.

    Steve Burchett, Power Analytics Software
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    Michael and Brad have been absolute gems to work with, and the easiest men in the market to work with. They provided an honest and very thorough consultation, helping me determine what steps I should be taking next to improve my web presence. They respected my budget and even recommended against certain options to ensure I would get the best bang-for-buck out of Five Towers’ services. Their team doesn’t just “make websites” or “design logos” – they help the client develop a respectable brand from the color-scheme up. This level of involvement and dedication is remarkable, and the world would be much better off if everyone shared their level of passion. I recommend them to anyone who is looking to take the next step in improving their web presence.

    Nicholas Kolor, Individual Analytics
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    One of the best working experiences I have had with an outside agency. He took our ideas for what we needed and brought our design to life in a very short time.

    Disability Rights New York
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    I’m not really sure where to start with my appreciation of Five Towers. I’m consistently impressed by their response time to our feedback and questions. Their drive to get our message to the customers and the overall communication is always remarkable. They check in to ensure we stay on the same page and they communicate new strategies. Most importantly, they spend time getting to know our product and getting to know our mission. In the end, the relationship we have with Five Towers feels like a lifelong friendship rather than a paid marketing company.

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    This company is amazing. I worked with Brad and from the beginning he went above and beyond to meet my design needs. I normally find technology to be daunting and as a business owner I don’t really have a lot of time to dedicate to my web presence but I know it’s important so I hired Five Towers. They really made it easy to understand and it did not require much of my time at all. I would definitely use them again.

    Morgan Pellitteri, Tech-Smart Home Inspections
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    I can’t say enough about Five Towers and what a pleasure it is to work with them. They are very knowledgeable, use a collaborative approach and take the time to go the extra mile every step of the way.
    John Kalil, Retirement Solutions

    Open Positions

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    We’re serious about talent.

    Have you been told that you have potential? Do you want to be compensated based on how well you perform?

    • Work remote or we can give you a desk – your call.

    • Start part time, prove yourself and it can go full time, or stay part time – your call.

    • Build your skills & resume, or enjoy a long career with us – your call.

    • Make a little bit of money or make a lot – your call.

    • Oxford Comma – your call.

    Are you seeing the pattern here? Bottom line, we want you to feel like you are controlling your own destiny, having fun, and taking away from this role what you want to.