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Spark Your Social Media Engagement

By Abby Monson

Is your brand struggling to gain momentum on social media? 

You’re not alone! 

Social media has become more and more flooded over the past ten years, making it feel impossible to stand out from the crowd. Despite this challenge, it’s absolutely worth investing effort into growing your brand’s following. Here are 5 key strategies to help spark your social media engagement:

1. Enhance your Instagram profile

Let’s start with the basics: your profile. Does it align with your brand image? Focus on elements such as your Instagram bio, profile picture, and bio link. These aspects shape your brand identity and influence your account’s visibility. Choose a search-friendly username, opt for a clean logo as your profile picture, and carefully select where your bio link is driving people to promote meaningful traffic and conversions.

2. Foster engagement with customers

Boosting your Instagram followers involves active engagement with your audience! Respond to and share their posts to harness the power of user-generated content (UGC). Also, make sure you are responding promptly and supportively to comments and messages. This demonstrates care and increases the likelihood of your followers becoming customers. Personalize your interactions to emphasize the human side of your brand.

3. Avoid fake followers 

While buying followers may seem tempting for quick growth, it has significant drawbacks. Real people can share, like, comment, and actively engage with your Instagram posts. Moreover, genuine followers value the time you dedicate to interacting with them. Displaying this level of authenticity holds greater power and durability compared to resorting to purchasing likes and followers.

4. Test out content

Crafting content that resonates with your audience is 100% more difficult with Instagram’s tricky algorithm. This means testing out content to see what your audience likes best is crucial! 

It can be helpful to take a look at your competitors. Avoid copying content outright, but use it as an opportunity to generate new ideas and gain insight on what people are engaging with.

5. Create content that delights your audience

Creating content that your followers actually benefit from directly correlates with your growth and their desire to stick around. Hint: popular accounts cultivate fans and communities, not just followers! Focus on creating content that your audience will get something from in return, whether it’s a laugh, a life-hack, or teaches them something new. 

Consider content like tutorials, humor based reels, posts focused on social causes, story-telling posts, and re-sharing UGC content like their positive comments and messages.

In Conclusion

Growth on social media rarely happens overnight. It takes work and dedication to utilize it to build up a successful brand. Take advantage of these 5 tips to start making it happen!

Does managing social media seem daunting to you? At Five Towers Media, we can do the work for you! Schedule your free consultation today.