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1 Change to Make to Your Marketing in 2024

By Michael Nelson

When I talk to business owners about their marketing efforts, they always tell me they can sell to “anyone” and “everyone”… But for most companies, it’s financially impossible to market to “anyone” and “everyone.”

B2B companies, hear this: the most important change to your marketing this year will be to Redefine and Refine your target market to create “The List.”

Here are the steps to redefining and refining, with some examples of how we’ve handled this ourselves here at Five Towers:

1) Take a second pass at DEMO, GEO, and Psychographic Info.

Our objective here is to narrow down these categories. For us, we started with a smaller geographic area; logistically, we can work with anyone anywhere, but the businesses we love to work with are located in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga Counties.
We also narrowed down our demographics, specifically with regard to industry types – we love to support blue collar businesses, manufacturers, and professional services (attorneys, CPA’s, financial services, etc). What we’ve found is that narrowing down our Geo and Demo also changed our Psychographics. Our target market does not want to worry about the hottest creative trends or staying up to date on best practices in a fast moving environment. In many cases, our Target Market has a Marketing Coordinator who needs the resources of a large team but does not have the budget for in-house employees.

2) Reach out to current clients…

…that fit this refined targeting data, and interview them to help refine Psychographic Data. This is also a great way to ask for a Google review or testimonial. You are looking to get their reason for loving the work you do and why they continue to work with you.
This will help with #1 above and also help you refine your messaging. If you do this for 5-7 clients, you will have some great data and can look for the overlap. If all of your clients say “it takes a ton of weight off their shoulders to be able to count on you and your team,” you should probably include similar messaging in your marketing efforts.

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