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What We Do

At Five Towers, we’re experts in translating “Web to English,” helping you make sense of the virtual world. We’re the only call you’ll need to make. We handle everything from design and construction through hosting setup. We create and manage sites in several styles on various platforms.


Your website is your online brand, virtual storefront and digital image. It sets you apart from the competition and tells your story. Don’t cut corners when customers are on the line!

From simple “online brochure” sites to complicated e-commerce sites, our team can design and build high-quality and affordable custom websites to meet your needs.

We offer flexible design plans tailored to fit every business—and every budget!

Content Development

Google recently announced that content is one of the three most important factors in ranking your website higher. It is also the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts, allowing you to engage with your customers and beat out your competitors.

Content includes the writing, images, videos and audio on your blogs, social media posts, podcasts and website.

Help your audience find you with polished, professional text perfectly tailored to your business, telling your story.

Web Hosting

When explaining hosting, we like to use this analogy: Think of your domain as your street address for your website and your web host as your house or apartment. It is where your website actually lives. Well, we have a beautiful home for your website that allows for fast load times, backups, updates and affordable rent. If you are unhappy with where your website is currently living, we would love to discuss how we can move it into its new home.

Site Maintenance

We’re your “web guy.” As you manage your business, learning and mastering HTML or a page builder shouldn’t be one of your day-to-day chores. That’s why we offer maintenance plans to take care of that work for you. Along with perks like monthly traffic analysis and referral discounts, what we really supply to you is peace of mind. We handle all the important updates your site needs to stay secure and running at peak performance.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is paramount for all businesses but especially for those whose potential customers and clients would start their buying process with a Google Search. It is quite possibly one of the most complicated strategies and also one of the most overlooked by business owners. It’s no secret that search engine results depend on the content on your site. But did you know your rank can be penalized for duplicate text? That’s why it’s important to create relevant, unique content for each of your pages. When we write for the web, we focus on a primary and secondary audience—your customer and the search engines.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM, or search engine marketing, is the practice of placing paid advertisements on Google-friendly web pages that are specifically targeted to your target market. With many effective strategies such as in market search ads or responsive display ads, SEM can play a major role in growing your business. We are able to take this one step further with our relationship with Saratoga Publishing to place ads on websites such as Saratoga TODAY, Simply Saratoga, or Saratoga Bride.


We look forward to hearing from you.