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Video – Video – Video

“Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, people would rather watch a video than read a page of text.”

Lisa Lubin, media professional

The Challenge

You have heard or been told that you need video for your marketing efforts. It’s true; in our current environment, everyone could use video. Attention spans are short, so writing blogs, while helpful for SEO, is not always useful in filling your sales and marketing funnel. Posting photos—even using custom photography—on social media channels has proved to be less effective than it has been in the past. You are looking for ways to connect with prospects, boost your hiring and recruiting efforts, and hopefully grow your business. Video is a necessary part of these efforts. 

You have options. You do not always need to hire a company such as ours and potentially spend thousands of dollars. If you are creative and have the time, you are very capable of creating videos using your cell phone and perhaps an app such as TikTok. Doing it yourself may work for some people, but you have to remember that even DIY costs something in time, money or resources. Not everyone has the time, desire or creativity to do the work themselves.

In these situations, we can be the solution. We have shot videos for television commercials, websites, social media and email campaigns. We can do simple interview cut-away-style videos or full-on animated videos. We have the ability to write scripts and shoot and edit video that can be creative, funny or emotionally compelling. 

We have drone capabilities, stabilization equipment and cameras that can capture just about anything. 

We often shoot videos such as 4 Must-Have Top-of-the-Funnel Videos

We have also shot television commercials that have aired on Spectrum networks that have absolutely gotten our clients business. 

So whether it is drone video-editing software, GoPro, dslr, or other video equipment, we are confident that we can help you with your next project.

The Goals

Of course, everyone’s needs are different, and we are all trying to accomplish different things with video. We all have a different look and feel that goes with our messaging, and we want to help you tell the story the way you want to tell it. So let’s connect. It’s easy to get started. Shoot us an email to get the dialogue going, and we can identify what some of those first steps are without any commitment or pressured conversations.

  • Want to shoot a cool promo for your podcast? We can do that.
  • Want to create a compelling video for your hiring and recruiting efforts?
    We love ‘em. 
  • Want to do some training videos for your business that do not put your new hires to sleep? We can help. 
  • Looking for a short sales video that can be used as a prospecting tool or a digital leave-behind? That’s our specialty.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple: We begin with the end in mind. From here, we create a story that fits the narrative you want. Sometimes the story is funny, or sad or exciting, but it is always an emotional one. Emotion, after all, is what engages and sells.

Services Provided

  • Consultation and Advisement
  • Script Writing
  • Video Storyboarding
  • Video Creation
  • Drone


Below are some examples of videos we have done for clients. Feel free to check out our Video Inbound Marketing page for a few more. You can also connect with us to discuss your project and see if we have more in our portfolio that might help you.

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