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Public Salesperson


Public Salesperson

We are looking for a self-motivated team player with a burning desire to win. Prospecting and networking, sales meetings and client connections, you will be the driving force behind attracting and signing new clients.

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  • Warren, Washington & Saratoga Counties


  • Full-time
    through Friday

    Working Time

  • Commission-Only with Competitive Structure



This is a commission-only sales position with a competitive commission structure for qualified applicants. Earnings are directly tied to performance, providing an excellent opportunity for highly motivated individuals to achieve significant income based on their success in generating and closing sales.


  • Identify and cultivate new business opportunities by engaging potential clients through various sales strategies, including cold calling, email campaigns, and networking events.

  • Understand the needs and challenges of prospective clients and effectively communicate how our services can provide value and meet their objectives.

  • Maintain a deep understanding of our services, including digital marketing, website development, content creation, graphic design, and communications, to offer tailored solutions to clients.

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, providing exceptional service and support to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Work closely with our marketing and creative teams to ensure that proposals and sales materials are compelling and aligned with our brand’s standards.

  • Achieve and exceed sales targets, with a focus on generating high-quality leads and closing deals.

  • Provide regular sales forecasts and reports to the management team, offering insights into market trends and potential growth opportunities.


Build a 500k portfolio of small to midsize businesses in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga Counties.


No specific experience is required however certain things may be an indicator of success for this role. These are but not limited to:

  • Sports in High School and/or College – This gives a competitive will to want to win.

  • Military background – This usually indicates discipline, the ability to handle uncomfortable situations, the ability to lead and follow, ability to stick to the provided process, and much much more.

  • Past successful sales roles.

  • Restaurant background – This may indicate emotional intelligence and the ability to work with others.

  • Proven experience in sales, preferably in the marketing, digital services, or related industry.

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